Dan Dowling Reviews

“This album is a keeper for the jazz guitar lover … a treat for all of us who know and love the work of great guitarists. Dan has the touch and feel of the late George Van Eps, Barney Kessel, Jim Hall, Tal Farlow, etc., . . . impressive guitar work.”
— Chuck Chelman (Jazz & Blues News)

“Guitarist Dan Dowling is another under-publicized jazz stalwart . . . a solid soloist . . . nicely chosen phrases and elegant lines. His playing is tasteful, skilled, and sometimes adventurous . . . expressive solo playing.”
— Ron Wynn (Nashville Scene)

“The pleasure of making guitars is hearing them played like this! Superb arrangements. Superb playing. Superb CD.”
— Dale Unger (American Archtop Guitars)

“A fine effort from guitarist Dan Dowling. Dowling’s writing is strong throughout . . . clean, sparsely electrified tone and skillful blending of single line improvisation and traditional chord melody . . an impressive introduction to the talents of Mr. Dowling.”
— Jim Fisch (20th Century Guitar)

“Nicely constructed chord melody . . . showcases Dowling’s command of harmonization . . . a fine musical effort.”
— Vince Lewis (Just Jazz Guitar)